Software Engineer

Launch Tech LLC
  • Work on the real-world products provided by Launch Tech LLC
  • Work with Launch Tech LLC's corporate and community partners, as well as clients to build an optimal product
  • Learn, build, and deploy new technologies

QA Tester

Launch Tech LLC
  • Test the quality and usability of Launch Tech LLC products before release
  • Work with other QA testers to point out and report bugs and critical errors
  • Regularly test the performance of currently deployed software launched in production

Product Designer

Launch Tech LLC
  • Work with the development and marketing teams to design a product roadmap stemming from an idea
  • Help oversee/advise the development process as the product is being built
  • Ensure a good user experience with our user interfaces

Open Source Contributor

  • Help contribute web animations to Ano.js
  • Communicate with other contributors on the Ano.js discord server
  • Add to your portfolio, LinkedIn, and resume!